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FOPPL BOARD MEETING: November 10, 2020

Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library, Inc.

November 10, 2020 Board Meeting

The meeting was held at the Churchland Branch Library at 4:15 PM. The meeting was called to order by the newly elected President, Amanda Taft.

Minutes: No minutes were presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Louise Johnson presented the current and projected budget for next year. The Balance as of January 1, 2020 is $30,152.40 in the Operating account. The CD fund has $26,247.47. The Special copier account has a $34,041.99 balance. The Schwetz Library Trust Fund has a balance of $167,890.04

Open issues discussed: This was the first meeting of the new board members so the responsibilities of each office was reviewed, the by-laws were shared, presentation of FOPPL Schedule of Activities was shared and some history of FOPPL was discussed. The out-going board expressed a willingness to assist in any way they could and cell phone numbers were exchanged.

Old Business: Louise discussed that the copier contract has increased by 15% and we have been paying monthly even when no services have been rendered due to the library system being closed. Amanda said she would look into options. Old copies of the FOPPL newsletter were shown around to the board as samples of previous efforts. The newsletter had been suspended due to the lack of people available to maintain it. Discussion was held about resuming it and the former VP Terri Carter suggesting we look at using social media instead of paper copies. The new Director of PR Mia Taft said she was interested and would look into options. We were reminded that approx. 30 members do not have email addresses and need any information mailed to them. Louise Johnson reviewed the “rules” for sponsoring author talks. Judith Walker will continue to do the scheduling for the Book Nook.

New Business: Much discussion revolved around the current library system closure (since March 14, 2020) and how that affected our sales and costs. We have no dates for reopening. Louise Johnson and Amanda Taft (at least) will attempt to go to our book sale sites and retrieve electronics (tablet and credit card equipment) and loose money (cash boxes) for safekeeping. They will also physically check the areas to make sure everything is alright. Shelving duties will be decided before the book sales reopen. The Board meeting schedule will be set up at the next meeting but this is also contingent upon when the libraries open up. Sue Burton recommended that a thank you note be sent to Melinda McKenzie because she stayed late to keep the library open for our meeting and set up the chairs. Secretary Toby Pennell said she would write the note.

Our next meeting date was not determined but individual members of the board will be meeting with past board members to transition information.

The meeting was adjourned.

Board members present: Amanda Taft, Deborah Gallagher, Ellen Franke, Toby Pennell, Mia Taft. Other members present: Sue Burton, Louise Johnson, Terri Carter

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