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Little Free Libraries

An international program, the Little Free Libraries found a way into the Friends' hearts. It's motto of 'take a book, leave a book' seemed like a natural extension of our Portsmouth library mission. 

Little Free

  • 2801 Bayview Blvd. (corner of Mt. Vernon)

  • Court Street Academy, 447 Court St. (parking lot)

  • 201 Elm St. (corner of Leckie St.)

  • Hampton Roads Regional Jail (in the lobby)

  • Red Line Park/Old Towne (corner of Middle St. and Glasglow St.)

  • Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve, 4510 Twin Pines Rd.

  • Cradock Community Garden, Afton Pkwy

  • 1516 City Park Ave.

  • Simmonsdale Civic Hall, 5006 Vick St.  

  • Paradise Creek Nature Park, 1141 Victory Blvd. (at corner of children’s fenced playground area, looks like a stump)

  • Westhaven Elementary School, 3701 Clifford St. 

  • Mercy Drops Dream Center, 504 McLean St.

  • 135 Green Meadow Dr.

  • Wesley Community Service Center, 1710 Elm Ave. (facing Randolph St.)

  • 5402 Greenfield Dr. South (Greenfields neighborhood)

  • Cooperative Extension office, 105 Utah St.

  • 5110 Sweetbriar Circle

  • 1604 Summit Ave. (Sportsplex entrance)

  • 1600 Portsmouth Blvd. (facing Lansing Ave.)

  • Corner of Goose Bay Dr. and Linnet Lane

About Little Free Libraries

The Friends first partnered with the Global Youth Action group to have local teens build LFLs.


Those were successfully placed. Now, we have 5 built by the Portsmouth Service League which are available to area non-profits and groups.


The Friends offer to share our book donations with the LFL owners and to register them with the international listing which puts them on the world map.

LFLs have been donated to and are installed at:


Wesley Community Center, Gail Harts Dance, Parkview Community Garden, Cradock Community Garden, Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve, Portsmouth Christian School, Hampton Roads Regional Jail (and awaiting installation is the Portsmouth Community Library Museum).


Little Free Libraries are currently

Out of Stock

We'll update our website as soon as they're available again. 

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