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As a member of FOPPL, you help support one of Portsmouth's greatest resources - the Library - and further the city's commitment to Lifelong Learning.

Friends Have Benefits!


The knowledge that you are a cheerleader for the library!


Volunteer opportunities at the Downtown book sales, the Book Nook, the Wilson Room and in our programs.


Membership button available at sale locations.

Friends Provide Funds


Sponsor fun & engaging community events and programs hosted by the Portsmouth Public Library.


Sponsor equipment at all Portsmouth Public Library Branches. 

Staff Appreciation

Gifts and appreciation events for the staff of Portsmouth Public Libraries.

Membership Overview

Full membership in the Friends of Portsmouth Public Library is attained by submitting the information and payment for the selected membership level listed below. Our membership corresponds to the calendar year.


Dues notices are sent out in January. New members who join late in the year (after October 1) are automatically credited for the next full calendar year.


In addition, a new bylaws provision allows for the status of membership be given upon volunteering four hours or more per calendar year.

Members are encouraged to attend our meetings, held at the Library, and to take an active role in support of our Book Sales, Library Volunteer programs, and our organizational activities such as newsletter preparation, membership programs, and Friends promotions.


Membership Levels


A membership for a single person. 

$15 annually


A membership for the whole family. 

$30 annually

All additional money is a well needed contribution!

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