We always need volunteers to work two hour shifts on Saturdays at the Main Book Sale from 10-12 or 12-2. 

What's volunteering like?


This is a fun, people oriented time. We work in shifts of two volunteers - one to ring up and one to bag purchases.

You answer questions and direct customers to the shelves. The best part? Volunteers earn a free book for every hour worked!

Shelving Volunteers

There is also the opportunity to sort & shelve donations received throughout the month.


This is an opportunity to work either on your own or with whomever shows up to help.


Main Book Sales are at the Main Library, 601 Court Street, side entrance.

Used Books


Call Amanda Taft at (850) 319-6000, or use the contact form on our website by clicking the button below!

Contact the Friends

Contact the President, Amanda Taft at 850.319.6000 or email us at friendsofportsmouthlibrary@gmail.com.

Book Nook

4934 High St. W.

Portsmouth, VA

(at the Churchland Library)


Hours: Mon-Fri from 11-5

4th, 5th Saturdays, 10-2

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Main Book Sale

601 Court St,

Portsmouth, VA 23704

(at the Main Library)

Hours: 1st Fridays, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturdays, 10-2

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