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Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library, Inc.

July 22, 2022

Board members present: Amanda Taft, Deborah Gallagher, Ellen Franke, Toby Pennell

Call to Order: The meeting was held adt Churchland Book Nook area. Amanda called the meeting to order at 4:30.

Minutes: The 6/14/22 minutes were reviewed.

Correspondence: None

Financial Report by Treasurer: Ellen reported the Operating Account has a balance of $49,397.76 as of 7/22/22. The Copier Account is $10,834.84 as of 7/22/22. The CD has $27,157.79.

Unfinished Business: The Copier Fund continues to get lower and Ellen is still working on getting out of the contract with Amanda aware of the issues. The FOPPL logo stickers are being offered for sale at the book sales and Book Nook for $3.00 instead of $1.00 so we can make money on them. No new news of the “1000 Books before Kindergarten” but Rachel was told of our contribution. She will pull the money she needs from the Library Foundation and then we will reimburse her. We voted and passed buying new foam signs for the book sales for under $200.00.

New Business: Amanda and Toby will plan the October business meeting. Amanda will check the calendar of the Churchland Library large conference room and see which Saturdays are available and report back. We plan on finger food and perhaps brunch again. Amanda reported we have had 3 sales on eBay for approximately $50.00. She is still working out consistent pricing for shipping so we can make money on each sale.

Library Director’s Report: Not asked.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00.

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