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FOPPL BOARD MEETING: August 28, 2021

Friends of the Portsmouth Library, Inc.

August 28, 2021

Board members present: Amanda Taft, Deborah Gallagher, Ellen Franke, Toby Pennell, Mia Taft, Judy Walker

Call to Order: The meeting was held at the Churchland Library conference room. Amanda called the meeting to order at 10:13.

Minutes: The 7/24/21 minutes were reviewed.

Correspondence: Toby sent out the “get well/thinking of you” card for Louise Johnson and she called back saying how much she appreciated it.

Financial Report by Treasurer: Ellen reported the Operating Account has a balance of $44,488.80. The Copier Account balance is $16,681.22. (She paid the July contract fee in August and the August contract fee in Aug.) The CD is the same at $27,106.36.

Committee Reports: We will be setting up committees for our Fall meeting this session.

Unfinished Business: The gift basket for the Adult Reading program raffle is being assembled. Mia has a coffee mug, socks, throw blanket, Kindle, gift card for coffee shop and will maybe throw in a Kindle gift card if the basket “total” is under $100 without it.

New Business: Amanda will contact Todd Elliot and find out about the copier money he usually collects for deposit (given to us). Now that the libraries are open, it needs to be collected monthly and this is not currently happening. Ellen volunteered to pick up the money at each of the libraries if needed. Amanda received a request from Cradock Library for 6 office chairs. They had sent the specifics in an order from Office Max for $1,934.17. The board voted and approved the purchase. Amanda will coordinate with Cradock on the purchase. We set the date for our Fall FOPPL meeting on Oct. 23, 2021 at City Park in their largest pavilion. We are planning for a half day rental, perhaps starting at 10:00am with a brunch type menu. Ellen will call City Park to reserve the pavilion. Mia will manage the Food committee. Mia and Deborah will be on the Decorations committee. Toby will manage the Business committee aspect and make sure a mic is available for the speaker. Amanda will ask Todd if he could do a library director report at the Fall October meeting. Amanda and Mia will look at old Oct. invitations to choose an option. Judy will help with food set up if she is able. Ellen will take over for the Book Nook scheduling when Judy is unable to continue. They are currently working together on that. The Book Nook and the Main Library both have new volunteers. Toby will be putting up some flyers (that Mia designed) at the Portsmouth Recreation Facilities, both Portsmouth YMCAs and the Boys and Girls Club in Portsmouth (if allowed). The book shelves at Main are almost sorted and organized for the Book sales. Toby volunteered to laminate new topic signs for the Main library bookshelves when they are finished and Amanda will assist in the labeling.

Library Director’s Report: No report, but we will request one for the Oct. meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10. Next meeting is scheduled for September 18, 2021 (Sat.) at 10:00 at the Churchland Library conference room.

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