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FOPPL BOARD MEETING: September 18, 2021

Friends of the Portsmouth Library, Inc.

September 18, 2021

Board members present: Amanda Taft, Ellen Franke, Toby Pennell, Mia Taft

Call to Order: The meeting was held at the Churchland Library conference room. Amanda called the meeting to order at 10:14.

Minutes: The 8/28/21 minutes were reviewed.

Correspondence: No correspondence was received.

Financial Report by Treasurer: Ellen reported the Operating Account has a balance of

$44,815.61 as of Sept. 1. The Printer Account balance is $16,681.53 as of Sept. 1. (She found out per our contract that a printer uses 9x11” paper and a copier uses 9x17” paper so we are using the words “printer account” not “copier account” to more accurately reflect our contract.) We only receive a statement for the CD every 6 months so there is no change. $967.50 was collected from the printers at the libraries and deposited into that account. (This reflects money from before the libraries were closed due to COVID-19 and money since they reopened.)

Unfinished Business: Amanda is still working on ordering the chairs for the Cradock library. There were some concerns about how it should be charged or paid and the library will get back with Amanda when that is resolved. Ellen will pick up the printer money at least monthly from now on or more often if needed. (Librarians used to collect the money and take it to the Main library maybe every 2 weeks. Then Todd Elliot would periodically give the money to the Treasurer for deposit.) The Adult Reading basket prize was assembled and given to the Churchland library so it could be awarded. Toby reported the only sections left to sort and organize at the Main book sale site are the politics/history areas.

New Business: The plans for the October 23 Fall FOPPL meeting continue. The City Park Triple Pavilion has been reserved and the meeting will be from 11-1. Mia has prices from Panera for food and beverages. We discussed incorporating the agenda into the table centerpieces. The invitations were reviewed and will be sent out by Mia and Amanda (email and mailed, as needed). At the Fall meeting, Toby will read the minutes. Todd Elliot will present the Library Director’s report. Mia will review the newly redesigned FOPPL website. Ellen will present the financial report and the rest of the agenda/presenters will be decided at a 10/9 meeting. Mia spoke to the Portsmouth Ombudsman again and she will put our weekly book sales in “Nextdoor” and FaceBook now. (Apparently she misunderstood earlier and didn’t realize it was a weekly event.) Ellen has diligently been working to understand our printer contract. Our maintenance fee is paid monthly (even when the libraries were closed) but they only come to service the printers when requested. The hardware maintenance can be done remotely when needed. She has been in contact with sales people and billing people during this time. We were given a $3000 credit at present for the 3 month “closure” but were actually “closed” for 1 year and 3 months with no possibility of printer usage. Our contract with ESI ends in 2027. They may assist us in future bill adjustments and Ellen is continuing to pursue this. Amanda has also reviewed the contract.

Library Director’s Report: Todd Elliot will give this report at the Oct. 23 FOPPL Fall meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:05. We will meet again on Oct. 9, 2021 at the Churchland library conference room to review our agenda for the Fall meeting and make sure everything is set.

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