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Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library, Inc.

April 25, 2023

Biannual Membership Meeting

Board members present: Amanda Taft, Deborah Gallagher, Ellen Franke, Toby Pennell, Mia Taft

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:25 with 28 members total (including the board).

Minutes: Amanda introduced the board members and reviewed the last 6 months.

Correspondence: None

Financial Report by Treasurer: Book sales and eBay sales since 1/23 are $2,484.50. (Memberships and donations are $550.00 thus far with $70.00 from LFCU account openings and choosing FOPPL as a donation.) The Operating Account has $51,729.83 as of 4/25/23. The Copier Account has $9,533.44 which will end next year July 2024. The CD account has $27,157.90.

Unfinished Business: The Main Library book sale “free area” has been reduced but is still available. (Rachel wanted to use the large empty area in the basement for future events.) The Main Library book sales area has been closed since February 25th due to maintenance work in the basement. We are continuing with the eBay sales. Book donations are continuing, mostly at the Book Nook for the moment. Amanda answered questions about eBay sales and the temporary book sale closure. We will accept games for sale.

New Business: FOPPL has sponsored a Local Author Expo on June 3 with PPL to be held at the Main Library. Ellen provided more details on that.

We shared the FOPPL engraved clipboards (large and small) and offered them to the members. The clipboards were made with leftover material used to back the book shelves that remained in the “free area”. Gift basket raffles and the auction (Cold Stone Creamery and Way Back Yonder Antiques gift cards) was held. The “Taco” meal and desserts were enjoyed by all, thanks to Ellen and Deborah for organizing it.

Library Director’s Report: Todd was unable to attend the meeting so there was no report.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45.

_____________________________________Toby Pennell, Secretary

_____________________________________Amanda Taft, President

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