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FOPPL BOARD MEETING: October 25, 2022

Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library, Inc.

October 25, 2022

Board Meeting

Board members present: Amanda Taft, Deborah Gallagher, Ellen Franke, Mia Taft

Call to Order: The meeting was held at Churchland Public Library Coleman room. Amanda called the meeting to order at 4:20 and introduced the attending board members.

Minutes: Our last member meeting was 4/26/22 and we have more attending today. (31 total)

Correspondence: None

Financial Report by Treasurer: Ellen went over Treasurer’s Report (included) and passed out copies. She discussed membership, donations, eBay sales and book sales. We want to increase our programs. She explained the copier account and that the contract has been canceled. A question was asked - ”Do we provide paper as well as toner and supplies?” The answer was yes.

Unfinished Business: We are also donating more books to Portsmouth schools, sheet music to Music teachers, classroom libraries and nursing homes. We have funded the “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” program (giving prizes when the program goals are met).

New Business: Amanda discussed our eBay sales and that we are still doing it. We have made $60.00. The library has donated some 100+ jigsaw puzzles and we are trying to sell them. Next year, we would like to fund more Little Free Libraries. The locations are on our website. Shared ideas for things libraries want and/or need. Amanda discussed the election of the Board; saying the present Board was willing to serve 2 more years in the same positions. She asked for any other nominations and there were none. The vote was unanimous for the present Board members to continue. Amanda reviewed the proposed 2023 budget. The vote on that budget was motioned by Sue Burton and seconded by Cathy Batkin. It was voted on and approved unanimously. Raffle tickets were sold for Jojack’s gift cards and we had 4 winners. The Silent Auction was reviewed with the submitted bids and prizes given out. Sue Burton spoke of FOPPL’s support of programming and that the City of Portsmouth gives zero towards programs. Also, the most members ever seen at a FOPPL meeting! Thanks to PPL for allowing AARP to come in and do taxes for citizens. Margaret Gupta announced the Centenary Methodist Mission Bazaar time and information.

Library Director’s Report: Todd Elliott discussed declining copier use. This week is National Friends of the Library Week and he thanked FOPPL for their contributions. Todd attended the VLA conference. Virginia now has a Masters program at ODU for Library and Information Science. Libraries are evolving but not going away. He thanked FOPPL for support of the 1000 Books before Kindergarten program. The online collection is much larger than the physical collection now. A question was asked - “Why do we have to renew library cards every year?” (it is a burden on the staff) Todd replied, “It is to update addresses.” Todd left bookmarks and business cards.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:15.

_______________________________________Deborah Gallagher, Vice President (she took notes and Toby Pennell, Secretary typed them up)

_______________________________________Amanda Taft, President

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